Julians (ABW/SXM) musical history started  with a search for self. At a young age he began to realize that there is a higher divine aspect of self. On that journey for self realization through the Rastafarian movement and culture he realized that he had a talent for music and singing and decided to pursue it. It was during this journey that he was given the name Falasha and participated in an interscholastic talent show/song festival hosted by PJD 2 radio station in 1990 in St. Maarten. He made it to the finals and received an honorary award for writing and composing his own music. Under the name Falasha he continued to pursue his musical ambitions, it led him to experience music with bands like Caribbean roots, Black Starliner, and Sonʼs of Israel. Falasha was the leadsinger, songwriter, composer and musical director of the bands Zion Children, Third Eye and the Isis reggae band. He performed as opening act for: Burning Spear, Kymani Marley, Julian Marley, Damian (Jr Gong) Marley, Lucky Dube, Israel Vibration, Don Carlos, Queen Ifrica. And released the album entitled ʻCultivate Your Mindʼ in 2004. 

Since his arrival in Europe (BE/NL) Julian has been playing keyboard for Rootman J and the Zion Youth Crew, Waza Roots Band and the Seekaman Band. Ending 2014 he started working on the album entitled 'Life Just Goes On', that was released in may 2017. 

The music Julian brings forward comes with a positive word, sound and power. His music and messages are inspired by his own experiences, the joy and struggles of life, world affairs, the struggle for truth, freedom and justice, our environment, our community, ancient African history and world history. 

Julians goals are to awaken the consiousness of the people to realities of life and to leave a legacy that can guide generations to come.